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[Q] What is Magic Straight?

[A] Magic Straight makes naturally curly and frizzy hair straight and shiny. This 2~3 hour process uses perm products in order to make shiny and soft hair. Afterwards, the hair is blow dried easily in order to see the silky hair. After about a 5~6 month period, only a retouch of the new grown hairs is needed.

[Q] Which products are used during the Magic Straight process?

[A] Shiseido, Alracial, Liscio, Touravi, Volume&Magic Straight, Luxury Extra7, Alpha(SI) Straight Iron and etc. Each product has strong, medium, and weak levels. Therefore, our professionals will determine which level to use with your hair after they examine your hair.

[Q] What kind of process takes place?

[A] Following is a step-by-step process for Magic Straight:

1- Check up of hair from a professional to decide on hair product
2- Shampoo and Dry
3- Apply chemical and let soak into hair
4- Test the hair
5- Wash off chemical
6- Blow dry hair
7- Magic Iron
8- Neutralizer
9- Wait 10~15min and wash out
10- Dry and Setting
11- Lightly flat iron

[Q] How much damage will this perm have on my hair?

[A] Since we use chemicals during this perm, it is impossible to avoid damage. However, our specialty is to minimize the amount of damage done to your hair. It is also important to take good care of your hair after the perm. Using a right treatment for your hair about twice a week after the perm will help avoid damage.

[Q] My hair has color and highlights. Is it possible to get Magic Straight?

[A] Semi-colored hair will not be a problem in the magic straight process. However, fully dyed and highlighted hair may cause more damage to your hair. Therefore, we advice that you consult a professional at our salon before you make your decision.

[Q] Is there a specific way to take care of my hair after Magic Straight?

[A] After the perm, you may not wash your hair for the next 48 hours nor wear hair pins, hats, hair ties, and etc. because these may cause unwanted prints in your hair.

[Q] How long does it last?

[A] Magic Straight is a permanent perm. However, your new grown hair will not have the magic straight effects. Therefore, we recommend that you have touch-ups done. Most people will need their touch ups done after 4~6 months while people with fast growing hair will need a touch up after approximately 3 months.

[Q] How long should I wait after my Magic Straight to color my hair?

[A] Although every individual is different, our professionals recommend waiting about 3 weeks to one month to people who perm, dye, or iron their hair often. To individuals who only perm, dye, or iron their hair occasionally, our professionals recommend one week to ten days for the best results.